Lance Assembly

Locally fabricated spray ball lances may cause process disruption. Spray ball detaching from lance & falling off into the product, resulting in an ignition source for solvents being used to clean the tanks & many other hazards. Wobbling of spray ball due to improper trueness of the lance may also reduce the life of spray balls, significantly.

Jetspray lance assemblies are made entirely with SS 316L or PTFE, based on the customer's requirements. Our lance assemblies are thoroughly machined in order to achieve perfect trueness & are specifically designed by inputs from the customer & their process equipment in-charge to ensure a perfect fit. Customers will receive all test certificates of the material of construction to ensure the use of genuine materials & peace of mind.

We at Jetspray Innovations Private Limited also fabricate custom lance assemblies for special projects & requirements.


Internal cleaning of process tanks, Reactors, ducts, etc


SS 316L

Max. Temperature

200 °C


Customer's Scope

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